KATY ALDRIDGE – owner/head chef/pastry chef

BRAD HAMMOND – owner/head chef & restaurant designer of Katy’s


Always instilling passion in whatever we do, we have owned and operated a variety of different culinary endeavors throughout the years.  Starting with Katy’s Café in East Dummerston and Newfane Vermont, The Vermont Maple Cookie Company (a national brand) and The Uncommon Cuisine, a local and regional catering company with a modern flare.  The love in our food comes from our intense passion to create and serve wonderful homemade food…from rustic dishes to fresh new inspirations.

Vermonters-for-life and having lived and raised two wonderful children in Westminster for the last 30 years, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to share our passion with this community that we call home.

We look forward to serving all of our local friends, as well as those we haven’t yet met!